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About KYOM 104.9
 Your Community Radio Station

KYOM 104.9 is a project of Sunflower Community Action. Together, we’re committed to amplifying community voices, celebrating diversity, and fostering connections. When you tune in to KYOM, you’re part of something bigger—a movement that uplifts and empowers. We're more than just a radio station. We're the heartbeat of our community, amplifying voices, sharing stories, and connecting people across Wichita, Kansas.

Go to our website to learn more about KYOM 104.9.


Our Mission:

KYOM 104.9 is committed to fostering community engagement, promoting social justice, and celebrating the rich diversity of Wichita. As a program operating under Sunflower Community Action, we strive to:


  • 1. Empower Voices: We provide a platform for local residents, activists, artists, and change-makers to share their perspectives, passions, and stories.

  • 2. Inform and Educate: Through thought-provoking shows, interviews, and discussions, we keep our listeners informed about local events, social issues, and grassroots initiatives.

  • 3. Celebrate Culture: From old-school soul to contemporary R&B, our diverse music programming reflects the vibrant tapestry of our community.

Tune In:

You can listen to KYOM 104.9 on your radio dial at 104.9 FM or stream us online at KYOM 104.9. Our broadcast schedule includes.

- Old School Soul:  Relive the classics from back in the day.
- Old School R&B: Smooth tunes to set the mood.
- Democracy Now!: Stay informed with independent news and analysis.

 Get Social:

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