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Sunflower power IS people power

Sunflower Community Action is a Kansas-wide nonprofit grassroots organization founded in Wichita, KS in 1991. We're brown and black and white. We're young and old and have low to moderate incomes. We're recent immigrants and families who have been lived in Kansas for generations. Because we love Kansas and our communities, we focus on a variety of issues that concern us. Together, we can take action for racial and economic equity. 

Our mission is to unite and empower people to achieve justice and equality for all, changing lives by developing grassroots leaders who identify problems and seek lasting solutions. Sunflower members build power by taking action and holding decision-makers accountable.

We believe in these core principles that inform all our issue work:

  • Every person counts.

  • Together, ordinary people can overcome financial oppression and racial discrimination if our action is strategic and persistent.

  • Everyone should have human rights, including food, shelter, medical care, education, and a job.

  • Families should be respected and supported.

  • Power should serve the people it affects.

  • All people are entitled to participate fully in civic life.

  • The common good is more important than privilege for a few.

  • The earth should be kept viable for future generations.

  • Struggling for justice together includes joyful celebration.

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